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Dutch Spiral Necklace
My first "Dutch Spiral Necklace"
flanked by the "Arky Spiral" (C)1999 (GRIN)
I love this stitch and maybe next one
I'll find the patience
to do the whole necklace in Dutch Spiral"
Cindy Allison taught us this stitch at
Mare's Nov. Bead Cave. Thanks Cindy.
Arky Spiral Necklace
String 11 seed beads for length needed,
do a row of peyote using size 8's,
then a row using #1 bugles between the 8's
that are in the up position,
then a picot row on the opposite side
(on the 11 seed bead side) in the down 11's using
3 size 13's instead of one 11 seed bead..
I used the same beads that I was using in the Dutch.
Lion Pouch
my latest pouch. I couldn't get the scan to show
his eyes. They're beaded and really shine.
Green amulet bag
My first amulet bag,
made for my oldest granddaughter,
who LOVES green.
Blue Coin Pouch
This is my foreign coin pouch,
made from a kit by Beverly Herman.
These kits are wonderful!!!
Walnut Pouch
Another pouch,
with a little natural twist.
Mauve Pouch
I made this for a gift, but I may have had
a change of heart. The flowers surrounding the cab
are an adaption of Aurora Matthews 3D roses.
Oglala Butterfly Necklace
"Candy Kisses"
This is the Oglala Butterfly stitch
taught by Lynn Johnston at "Mare's November Bead Cave"
Lynn is a beautiful beader and a delightful teacher.
I did this in beautiful little sparkly hex's.
Too bad the scan can't catch that.
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