Ndebele bracelet

1. The bracelet base is done in Ndebele (herringbone)stitch using size 6 seed beads. I would suggest using size 8 instead.
2. The four curved motifs are also done in Ndebele stitch and then sewn on. I used size 8, 11 and 15 of gold lined white opal. The darker color is one to match the colors of the base. FORMULA for curve=two colums of ndebele. Start with the size 8, size 11, size 12(or a smaller running size 11) and size 15. I did 28 rows of ndebele in each motif. Keep your tension tight.
2a. The froth at the end of each motif is a series of 3 bead picots on both sides of the end beads, then adding a bead between each bead. Then add 3 bead picots back and forth to make it pile up. If the explanation in the graphic doesn't make any sense, just put a bunch of size 15 picots to make a bunch. (GBG)

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